Is Flatbread a property listing website?

No, we are very much opposite to what a property listing website is. Ads on property listing websites are often neglected without updates even the status of the flat changes. Instead of having “listings”, agents on Flatbread network provide up-to- date information on flats that are either immediately or soon-to-be available. Plus, we are an app-based service.

Where is Flatbread available?

Our service is only available in Hong Kong at the moment. We will be rapidly expanding so please sign up and we will let you know when we’ve reached your country!

Which areas does Flatbread cover?

Flatbread currently covers flats on Hong Kong Island only. We will soon be expanding our coverage area to Kowloon, New Territories and Outlying Islands in Hong Kong. Sign up now and we will be in touch once we have you covered in your area.

How much will Flatbread cost me?

Nothing. Flatbread is an absolutely free service for renters. However, please note that we work with hardworking agents and they need to be compensated accordingly if you decide to sign with any of them. *Flatbread does not take any cuts from any agent commission.

How does it work?

Simply input your criteria in our mobile app and stay patient until the next 8am. You will be notified of all available flat information and it will be up to you to decide which flats you are interested to view. Set up viewings straight away in app and enter negotiation for the flats you like. Finding a flat has never been simpler.

I want to buy a flat in Hong Kong. Can Flatbread help me?

Flatbread currently covers residential flat rentals only, if you are interested in buying a flat. Sign up with us now and we will let you know once we are ready to handle residential flat purchases.

How long will each request be valid for?

Flat requests will be valid for 2 weeks. You can extend the requests for an additional week at the end of the first 2 weeks if no suitable flat come up. We believe we will be able to find you a home with in 2 weeks.

Is there a limit for how many requests I can submit?

Renters can make up to 3 active requests at any moment. Remember, we are ultimately looking for just one great flat!

Is there a limit for how many areas I can pick in each request?

Yes, you can pick up to 3 areas in each flat request. You are free to create a new request in order to cover more areas.

What is an active request?

Active request means:

  1. The request is valid (not expired or cancelled);
  2. The request is labeled “Active” among agents in the Flatbread network;
  3. Renter has viewed and responded to agents in the past 7 days.

Will my request be terminated early?

Yes, your request will be terminated early if you do not respond to any agents on Flatbread for 7 days. We believe a successful platform is built upon basic mutual respect.

When is the best time use Flatbread?

As Flatbread focus in finding you immediately or soon-to- be available flats, the best time to submit request on Flatbread is approximately 1 month before your intended move-in date.

It is also good to start early and get a sense of what the availabilities on market is. However, most flats will likely be leased by your intended move-in date for requests >1 month in advance.

Will my contact details be exposed?

No, all the contact info you provide to Flatbread will be strictly confidential and will not be passed on property agents or 3 rd parties without your permission. Agents will only be able to contact you through Flatbread app unless you decide to pass on your contact details to them.

Do you have a mobile app?

Our hardworking team is building our Flatbread apps for both iOS and Android OS. We will be launching our apps shortly, stay tuned!

Can I see photos of the flat first before talking to agents?

Definitely. Flatbread emphasize on filtering out non-suitable flats quickly so you can focus on deciding only the few finalist flats. We encourage our agents to submit photos alongside flat info, though please understand agents may not have photos available for all flats.

How long do I have before I respond to agents?

You can respond at your convenience but we encourage quick responses from both sides.

At Flatbread, we see agent-renter relationship as a working partnership. In order for agents to do their job, renters’ feedback is the most critical. The quicker you provide feedback on the flats you received and viewed, the more accurate your search will be. Agents can spot the perfect match within your budget quicker and avoid spamming you with flats you won’t be interested in. Win-win situation.

Can I access Flatbread’s service via flatbreadapp.com?

Flatbread’s service will be mainly provided in our mobile apps. Flatbreadapp.com only allows early sign up before our launch.

Why use Flatbread?

We simply cannot think of a better way to find ourselves a new, nice flat within our modest budget. If you can think of anything better than investing minimal effort and wait for the flat find you, let us know!

Property agents

Are property agents on Flatbread are licensed?

Yes, all property agents on Flatbread hold a valid EAA license. You are in safe hands.

What is the usual agent commission fee?

The common practice in Hong Kong is half a month of agreed monthly rent. For example, if the final agreed is HKD15,000, the property agent commission will be HKD7,500.

When is the agent commission due?

The agent commission is usually due upon the signing of the lease contract.

What other services do agents provide?

Agent’s main role is the broker between renters and landlords. However, they are often happy to assist renter in getting the lease agreement stamped, updating account holder at electricity company (HK Electric, CLP) and water department, and also acting as the intermediate between renters and landlords throughout the lease.


Can I set up appointment with agents on Flatbread?

Sure. We encourage renters to utilize our Appointment function to set and keep track on your viewing appointments, along with the flats you have viewed and you will view with different agents. We understand it is hard to keep track on everything so we want to make it as easy for you as possible.

How do I set up appointment with agents on Flatbread?

It is simple. Tell agents which flats you want to see and your available date and time for viewings. Agents will work hard to arrange and send you an “Appointment” via Flatbread app. Clicking on the confirm button will confirm the appointment on both yours and agent’s side.

Can I change the date and time of my appointments?

Yes, you can change the time and date of your appointment with agents. After making changes, agent will be notified and will confirm with you after checking his or her own schedule as well as with the landlord. Please allow time for them to respond as like you, they are always working too.

Once confirmed, new appointment details will be updated under the appointment tab.

Contact eugene@flatbreadapp.com or send us a message through Facebook Messenger if you have questions that are not covered in this FAQ. We will be more than happy to chat!